Use AI to send perfect CONTENT to fans and student-athletes

Use AI to send perfect content to fans and student-athletes​

Implemented by conferences and colleges across the country

University of Pittsburgh ​Uses AI to Automatically Create Game Highlights in Real-Time

Hundreds of content automation use cases for men’s and women’s sports

WSC Sports is a revolutionary solution for college athletic departments looking to break through in today’s attention economy. Our automated content creation and distribution platform increases fan engagement and reach while saving time and money.

How we help you


Foster Meaningful Fan Engagement

Increase your content reach by being the first to bring fans highlights as they happen.


Maximize Monetization Opportunities

Unlock new revenue streams through custom content packages for sponsors.


Help Student-Athletes Build a Brand

Deliver personalized content directly to student-athletes - an added bonus for your school’s recruiting offering.


Create Endless Fan Experiences

Tailor highlights to the right audience, at the right time, and place at the scale your fanbase craves.


W.S.C. Sports Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved ©2024

W.S.C. Sports Technologies Ltd. All rights reserved ©2024